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RUIKD Co., Ltd. was established in Seoul, Korea in June 2004, and was dedicated to the research and development of optical medical and cosmetic devices from its beginning. As one of the first companies in Korea to invest in the optical medical beauty industry, we obtained a number of intellectual property rights and certificates. So far from the start, we are doing our best to grow into a one-stop service provider of beauty and medical equipment. At the same time, with sincerity and a feasible future prospect, we hope to grow with people who share the same dream. In order to provide a one-stop solution for skin troubles, we dedicated to research and innovation with enthusiasm in medical and cosmetic technology to meet the needs of more customers.

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서울 금천구 가산디지털2로 136 승일벤처타워 503 , 504호 
사업자번호 : 899-81-00336 TEL : 02-851-3910 FAX : 02-851-3911
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