• We are building a company in which all employees grow together and develop together.
  • We strive to fulfill our partners with better and qualified service.
  • We concern most the human well-being and contribute to enrich lives


“RUIKD” continues growing and developing beyond thanks to dedicating R&D investments and efforts as one of the proud medical laser manufacturer and supplier who started with first ever portable Q switched laser models in Korea, we seek for the technology in the medical fields that convenient the users with 100% safety.

“RUIKD” is also a specialized company in order to serve medical equipment along with therapeutic skincare devices and products to more users with a better service and quality since the inception of company establishment.

“RUIKD” is focusing on achieving 100% gratification for users and distributors with the highest technical service and business quality and always remind ourselves of gratefulness towards our partners those who fuel us to a better company so far.


서울 금천구 가산디지털2로 136 승일벤처타워 503 , 504호 
사업자번호 : 899-81-00336 TEL : 02-851-3910 FAX : 02-851-3911
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